Evolution Series World Colors Clar-Duduk

This text and video series is designed to raise awareness for NKS, via products that have NKS support, thus are accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

This time, we are reviewing a freebie, from Evolution Series, called Clar Duduk.

About the Library

From the developers’ website:

Clar-Duduk is a cross between a clarinet and the Armenian Duduk. Its warm worldly tones set in motion the beginning of a broader goal to see what could be created with minimal kontakt scripting. The key to this experiment was to have a little bit of fun in the studio and push the sonic mojo to 11!


Since the Continuata application is not accessible to screen readers, we recommend requesting manual links. Follow the link in the email provided from Evolution Series, or you can also click here. Pasting in your serial number and hitting the Get Links button should get you an email with the downloadable file. Extract this to your User Content directory, and do a usual Komplete rescan and a batch resave. After this, the library should show up in your Komplete browser as expected.

Library Usage

The library is fairly simple to use. There are six kontakt instruments (.NKI) files provided, scripted legato, non-legato or polyphonic versions using either keyswitches or the modwheel to switch articulations.

The keys are velocity-sensitive, triggering different samples, which have usually two round-robins per layer.

There are three available knobs.

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  • Reverb
  • Attack
  • Release

Audio Demo

Video Review

Erion Written by:

Erion is a music composer, passionately preferring anything orchestral above all, be it traditional, hybrid/trailer, minimalist, or anything inbetween.

He has scored for games, television and for various radio programs. He is always looking forward to composing something fresh and exciting that challenges boundaries.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing and programming.

He is an avid consumer of tea, Tolkien and the Bard, and he speaks Sindarin.